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The install process

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  • 03 August 2001

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The install process

The user enters a series of panels, each one detailing a specific step during the installation process.

  • Language panel. The language panel shows a list of languages that can be choosen as installation language. This panel is optional by the package provider.
  • Welcome panel.
  • License panel. The license panel shows the license and asks for acceptance.
  • Readme panel. A readme file (written by the package provider) is displayed.
  • Upgrade panel. The installer tries to find out whether a previous version of the same package has already been installed on the machine. If it finds one, it asks the user if he wants to upgrade the existing version or install the new package as a new application. If the user wishes to upgrade, the following step is skipped.
  • Directory panel. It shows the default directory (chosen by the packager) in which the package will be extracted, and the user can change it.
  • Installation panel. This step decompresses the archive and stores the files on disk.
  • Shortcuts panel. The user can ask for shortcuts to launch the application easily. Shortcuts are only available on Debian/Gnome desktops.
  • End panel. This step shows a report detailing what happened during installation.

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