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Building the package

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  • 03 August 2001

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Building the package

After having customized the two config files, the packager can build his package for the targets specified.

Just execute the VAInstall class, with the ".vai" file as it's only argument. The classpath must contain jniregistry.jar and vainstall.jar that reside in the lib/ directory.


  $ cd VAInstall/examples/hello
  $ java -cp ../../lib/jniregistry.jar:../../lib/vainstall.jar com.memoire.vainstall.VAInstall hello.vai
  C:\Program Files> cd VAInstall\examples\hello
  C:\Program Files\VAInstall\examples\hello> java -cp ..\..\lib\jniregistry.jar;..\..\lib\vainstall.jar com.memoire.vainstall.VAInstall hello.vai

The building process parses the config files ans exits if something is wrong with them. Else, it starts to compress the files from the file list, skipping the ones that it can't find.

Finally, the target specific self-extracting executables are generated, all at a time, and one per target.

Each output file has the "class name" specified in the main config file, followed by an extension (".exe" for Windows, ".lin" for Linux native, ".sh" for Unix script, ".class" for Java class, ".jar" for Jar exe, ".jnlp" for JavaWebStart).

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Java class target can not be installed by the end-user from a read-only media such as a CD-Rom, because it has to write a file on it.

The other targets can freely be installed from a read-only media.

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