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  • 03 August 2001

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History of Changes
  • Version 0.20
    • General
      • vai is now a sourceforge project with 5 developers
    • New Features
      • Added Ant integration task.
      • new targets: executable jar, JavaWebStart jnlp
      • Added support for Danish and Japanese language.
    • GUI Changes
      • Added optional Language Panel.
    • Improved Features
      • Module installation with strong version check
      • Added support for choosable or fixed language during install/uninstall.
      • Character encoding can be specified for Readme and License file.
    • Core Changes
      • ant build (for developers)
      • complete language support rewrite
      • All classes and resources in the lib directory are now packed in a jar file.
      • Removed the need for vainstall.jar.classdir and vainstall.jar.rcdir tags in the config file.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed that packages generated on NTFS did not work.
      • Fixed custom classloader problems with defineClass().
    • API Changes
      • None.
Older Releases
tue aug 15 2000 - Axel von Arnim <>
    o version 0.19
    o the packager can now except whole directories in the filelist
    o update-only mode implemented. It allows application update or
      module/plug-in installation.
    o better compression with gzip (10-15% gain)
    o only chosen ui (by packager) and default text ui are included in the
      package -> 100Ko less overhead.
    o monospaced font in graphic ui for license and readme
    o package integrity check at install startup (size check)
    o many bugfixes in text/ansi modes
    o bugfix in install startup (when no graphic environment available)

wed aug 02 2000 - Axel von Arnim <>
    o version 0.18
    o new look for the graphic ui
    o new ui: xtra
    o packager: path variables, drive letters, except extensions, customizable
      banner image
    o native targets: windows, linux, unix
    o installable from read-only media
    o user manual

thu jun 01 2000 - Axel von Arnim <>
    o version 0.17
    o now manages version control: enables to upgrade from a previous install
      or install a new version
    o internationalization: English and French supported (only with graphic UI)
    o clean install abortion: deletes all temporary files, but not already
      installed files. To be corrected.
    o graphic UI: screen colour can be configured, back screen can be shown
      or not (see .vai file).
    o added flags in filelist: non-recursive archiving of dirs, executable files
    o added scripts generation capability.
    o created an example directory to archive with VAInstall

wed apr 05 2000 - Axel von Arnim <>
    o version 0.16
    o initial public release


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